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DOWNLOAD eBOOK Flash 8 ActionScript Bible

Written by YU53P on 09:00

eBOOK Details
Publisher Wiley
Release Date January 24, 2006
ISBN 047177197X

eBOOK Description

Flash has begun to mature as a product, and ActionScript has begun to mature as a language.
That represents both opportunity and challenge to you. The possibilities are limitless: There is great opportunity to build new, innovative, useful, and interesting applications using Flash and ActionScript.

This free ebook provide you with the resources to learn the language so that you can express yourself elegantly and eloquently. We make every attempt to meet you right where you are in your journey, and to provide you with the support to get where you want to go. As you can see by the page count of this free ebook, ActionScript is not a short topic. In fact, if you’re new to ActionScript it may seem overwhelming. However, it’s our intention to make learning ActionScript accessible. In this free ebook, you’ll find that we’ve organized the topics in a way that we feel is most accessible to readers.

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  1. 2 komentar: Responses to “ DOWNLOAD eBOOK Flash 8 ActionScript Bible ”

  2. By Anonymous on 14:55

    bo'ong nih kagak bisa di download...he..he, musti bayar (katanya gratis)

  3. By Tonimation on 20:19

    pingin belajar flash?
    ikuti kuliah saya di

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